Judge Tim Doxtater

Judge Jon Cole

Judge Ingeborg James

Travis came to us a small bundle of fur and grew.......and grew. He was entered in a show by mistake at the very young age of 6 months and when I realized what I had done decided to send him anyways. He got through the weekend with 4 points and two Best of Breeds from the Junior Puppy Class. The following show and still as a Junior Puppy he amassed another 4 Best of Breeds and 2 Puppy Group wins completing his Canadian Championship at 7 months of age. Travis is the type of Akita that never realized he was an Akita weighing approximately 90 pounds at 9 months and wondered why the Shih Tzu don't want to play. Still as a Junior Puppy, Travis was entered in a Puppy Tournament (Peach of a Puppy) and came second in a very tough class of 35 shown by Mom.

Travis took about 2 years off as he needed some growing up time and time for the body to catch up with the legs.  His first set of shows after his sojourn produced two Best of Breed wins and consideration in the Group ring on a three day weekend.  WOW - Group 4 under respected judge Janet Wilcox and Group 2 under respected judge Cheryl Myers-Egerton in a very tough Working Group. 


OFA Good - Thyroid normal 2001

April 1999 - Akita Club of BC Specialty - Judge James Reynolds - Award of Merit
September 1999 - ACA National Specialty - First Place Open Dog Class - Judge Michelle Billings

November 1999 - Sturgis Kennel Club - Fort Wayne, Indiana - 3 point major (Best of Winners) - Judge Robert Forsyth - Handler Vicky Dooms - Karasu Oka Akitas

November 1999 - Town & Country Kennel Club - Oklahoma - 4 point major (Best of Breed) - Judge Dany Canino - Handler Vicky Dooms

1999 - Finished the year as #4 Akita in Canada with very limited showing

April 2000 - finished US Championship thanks to Vicky Dooms. Thanks also to Vicky for introducing Travis to the Basenjis.

August 2000 - First place in the Working Group under respected judge Ingeborg James 
Group 2 - Judge Tim Doxtater
Group 3 - Judge Michael Camac (Akita Action Booster)

April 2004 - Akita Action Specialty - Best in Specialty, Best Veteran & Best Canadian Bred

October 2004 - Travis is living the good life these days - retired from the show ring

DOB December 26, 1996 Hips OFA Good Thyroid Normal (per Jean Dodds)
Pedigree of: Am/Cdn/Int Ch Seaisland's Blazin' Wildfyr

Am/Cdn Ch Seaisland's Tatsu Maki AOM ROM

Am/Cdn/Bda Ch Wesaka's White Lightning

Cdn Ch Matsutake's Cody Bearpaw
Am/Cdn Ch Shogun's A Touch of Class

Cdn Ch Mystical Sunrise Sheba

Rindt Ranch Hobi of Teikoku

Tomodachi Black Mistical

Cdn Ch Koka Spirit of the Earth

Am Ch Koka Mr Meaner

Am Ch Toki Kodomo No Karasu Oka
Am Ch Apogee's Amazin Grace of Koka

Am Ch K Oka Golden Gait Esko

Am Ch Kitanishi Kareina Hiroshi
Am Ch Karasu Oka No Shimanawa

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