The future of the Akita breed rests solely on the breeders. The health testing recommended by the Akita Club of America includes hip screening, thyroid testing and eye certification. Once these tests are completed the dogs will be listed in the CHIC (Canine Health Information Center) database. This online database is available to the public - anyone can search the database. In the search area just choose "Akita" from the drop down menu and click search. It will amaze you that as of November 2007 there are only 124 Akitas listed in the database. There is also an online searchable database available to the public through the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation of America) so if you are researching a specific Akita you can enter any part of the registered name and find information on health testing as well as sire, dam, offspring and siblings. This will give you valuable information if you are considering the purchase of an Akita or if you are planning a breeding.

There is lots of information available on the internet: The Akita Club of America website has sections on Genetics and Health and Geriatrics as well as upcoming National Specialties. Check it out ACA

BANK YOUR DNA. DNA banking is easy! Banking your DNA now will help to ensure the future health of the dogs we all love so much. Samples can be made available to researchers if required. It's easy - by cheek swab or blood sample - see the CHIC website or the ACA website for more information

Both the CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) and AKC (American Kennel Club) have extensive websites that contain information on everything from soup to nuts - registrations, health information, BSL, showing, books etc

If you are thinking of buying an Akita puppy and you cannot verify health testing online please be sure to ask the breeder to supply copies of the certificates

Research, research and then research some more. Check the online Akita pedigree database - very valuable if you are researching pedigrees. Akita HeadQuarters.

Below you will find pictures of our CHIC registered dogs









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